In Ergosum, NFTs of NFT Skins are available. *Additional NFTs are being prepared and will be updated when they are available.

NFT Skins

The NFT that allows to change the visual of characters within the game and obtainable in specific content. NFT skins are available in limited quantities and drop within the game. *Details will be updated as soon as they become available.

NFT Skin Supply

The number of NFT Skins issued varies based on the number of daily active users (DAU) from the previous day. In-game drops will be generated at a rate of previous day's DAU x 3%.

Effect of NFT Skin

Equipping an NFT skin activates an effect (buff) that boosts each of the character's statuses during battle. Each skin comes with 3 status-boosting effects, and the content and value of each effect can be rerolled using Skin Reroll Tickets.

How to Acquire Skin Reroll Tickets ・Purchase with FCT on the Ergosum Marketplace ・Earn through NFT skin Burning ・Purchase within the app

Additionally, 3 types of NFT skins are available for each character. Owning all 3 NFT skins for a character will activate a buff across all decks and guarantees the perpetual value of these skins.

Burning NFT Skin The acquired NFT skins can be burned through the Ergosum My Page. Burning an NFT skin enables you to earn a Skin Reroll Ticket worth approximately 30,000 JPY (estimated market value at launch).

*The details of NFT skin effects, rerolling, and the burning function will be introduced progressively in updates after the game is launched. *The number of Skin Reroll Tickets acquired through burning will be adjusted based on the market price.

How to Acquire the NFT Skin

NFT Skin corresponding to the characters you own will be dropped in the game. The more characters you own, the higher your chances of NFT Skins being dropped. Additionally, the rewards from the following will let you acquire NFT Skins even if you do not own the corresponding characters:

・Each event ・Multiple rankings ・Guild battles ・Airdrop to token holders

and more.

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