Ergosum is a new RPG game for a mobile phone that is free to play and allows players to Play and Earn. With the theme of "the destinies of girls who touched the forbidden," the world of Ergosum is portrayed through beautiful graphics and a story that delves into the origins of humanity. The game features GameFi elements, allowing players to earn NFTs while playing. All players have an opportunity to earn NFTs without the need for prior NFT purchases or prepare the crypto wallet.

Free to Play To play Ergosum or to Earn from it, there is no need for prior NFT purchases or prepare a crypto wallet. All players who install the game can enjoy playing and have the opportunity to earn NFTs. This project was launched to lower the traditionally high barriers to entry in blockchain gaming, providing a more accessible experience.

Play and Earn Players have the opportunity to Earn by playing the game. In Ergosum, players Earn by selling NFTs acquired during gameplay on the marketplace. *Please note that a crypto wallet is required for withdrawal.

Gameplay of Ergosum

Ergosum is designed to be an engaging and captivating RPG, further enriched by its gameplay mechanics that offer opportunities to acquire NFTs.

The elements that make it engaging and captivating as an RPG: ・Intriguing storyline ・Intriguing and appealing characters ・Immersive battles ・The potential of deck composition for battles (the feature that allows forming parties and equipment setup) is profound.

These components interact and create an interesting cycle, defining what we consider engaging.

About the Opportunity to Acquire NFTs In traditional blockchain games, players need to create a crypto wallet beforehand and purchase NFTs for in-game earning. For players new to WEB3 games, the steps of creating a cryptocurrency wallet and purchasing necessary NFTs to earn before starting the game can be considered as a significant barrier. In order to make more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience, Ergosum is designed to remove the barriers and players can potentially acquire NFTs simply by installing the app, without any prior preparations required.

Specifically, the steps for players participating in blockchain games change as follows: Traditional Blockchain Games First, create a crypto wallet and purchase NFTs for Earning, then engage in in-game earning, and finally, withdraw funds.

Ergosum Acquire NFT within the game, trade on the marketplace, and create a cryptocurrency wallet for withdrawal.

Ergosum allows players to enjoy the game without the need for an initial investment, offering the chance to acquire NFTs and earn rewards along the way.

Experiences in Ergosum

Each content in Ergosum includes the element of Hack and Slash, Roguelike, and Treasure Hunt. By establishing these elements as its foundation, the game is designed to offer a captivating and enduring experience for a diverse array of players. This goes beyond just being a game by offering a whole new experience through guild and friend features. Players can collaborate to conquer challenges, list NFTs earned from Treasure Hunts on the marketplace, and purchase desired NFTs.


ーーThe Thirst that Proves My Existenceーー Once, righteousness compressed desire into a distorted and diminutive mold. Distorted desires turned into sins, and the Genzai was born. And yet, it is human desire that can defeat the Genzai. Girls who wield extraordinary powers fueled by desires, and the mysterious beings known as Genzai, This is a tale of those who touched the forbidden and the origins of humanity...

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