Ergosum's game system is designed with the ultimate goal of creating an engaging gameplay experience through the concepts of character progression (training) and Treasure Hunt.

The sense of character progression can be experienced through battles, either by completing dungeons that were previously unbeatable or reaching the new highs in damage values. Therefore, in Ergosum, the growth of firepower (damage values) activated during battles can be defined as the embodiment of character progression.

The Treasure Hunt element can be experienced through rewards obtained by winning the battles. This experience emerges when there are desirable items to obtain or goals to strive for. As items to collect dwindle and there are no more dungeons to clear, the excitement of treasure hunting gradually fades. Therefore, in Ergosum's endgame content, we believe it is crucial to provide an element of rich environment for growth and objectives.

The dynamic interaction between character progression and Treasure Hunt elements will deliver the ultimate experience to players.

The core of Ergosum gameplay cycle lies in selecting obtained items from treasure hunts, equipping them onto characters, building unique character builds, and strategically utilizing tactics to achieve high firepower in battles. This fundamental loop is emphasized by the balance design and animation that make the game system engaging and enjoyable.

Strategy of Ergosum

Each character has three unique skills. Strategic depth is provided by allowing players to select and equip characters based on the specific dungeon they are challenging.

Tactics of Ergosum

The pursuit of maximizing firepower (damage output) is one of the core pleasures of gaming. To maximize the firepower, it is essential to assemble a build according to enemy attributes (strategy) and use skills effectively (tactics). In Ergosum, carefully analyzing enemy conditions and employing skills will unleash maximum firepower.

Play and Earn of Ergosum

Through playing the game, players can Earn (earn rewards). In Ergosum, this earning process will be accomplished by selling NFTs acquired during gameplay on the marketplace. *Please note that a crypto wallet is required for withdrawal.

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