The immersive experience in the game is heightened by captivating characters. In Ergosum, each character harbors profound desires, which, despite being suppressed in the world, emit vivid and resplendent hues as they unravel the secrets of the Ergosum world. Every character is brought to life through Live2D animation and has their own dedicated character story, adding depth to their personalities.

Stats and Equipment

Characters are assigned roles and skills, and they can equip items called Orbs.

Role Role represents a character's ability-related function, determining the tendencies of their status and the skills they use during battles. Roles are fixed attributes specific to each character and cannot be changed.

Skills Characters have three types of active skills and three types of passive skills that can be used in the battle.

Orbs Orbs are equipment items that enhance a character's status when equipped. They come with two to four attributes, depending on their rarity.

BEST IN SLOT Ergosum incorporates a design where players can obtain stronger equipment and materials to enhance their characters based on their game progression. Completing quests enhances the trust in the cycle of becoming stronger, which in turn elevates the gameplay of Ergosum.

ORB Equipping Orb to a character will grant a variety of traits. Even with the same character, they can have enhanced attack power or stronger defense depending on the equipment, enabling players to customize according to their preferred playstyle. The synergistic effects from different combinations lead to a series of new experiences during battles.

*Please note that some of the names are temporary. The official names will be revealed before the launch.

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